About Us

Gujarati Cultural Association of Bay Area has grown to one of the largest and most active nonprofit cultural organizations in the Northern California. GCA has been fortunate to be led by years of talented leadership dedicated to bridging the gap between Gujarat, India and Gujarati Indians in Bay Area. With the help of scores of volunteers and committed members hungry for the most entertaining and fulfilling cultural events, the GCA has grown to thousands of families.

Since its start, the GCA has been run by the dedication of volunteers. If you would like to help this non-profit cultural organization, please contact us.

GCA Bylaws

GCA Bay Area has adopted new bylaws starting June 2022 to strengthen the organization and serve the community better.

Mission and Vision


We are a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve, cherish and celebrate Gujarati and Indian heritage by providing exposure and opportunity to the present and future member’s.


Shape the future by preserving Gujarati cultural and linguistic heritage through diversity and sense of belonging for the upcoming and future generations of the membership.


Counselling and networking to membership, Community Respect, Education, Promote and maintain diversity in organization, Responsibility, Accountability, Honesty and Openness, Self-respect and mutual dignity in dealing with one another, Collaboration, Fun, and Family Values.

Executive Team

Board of Directors

  • Saurin Patel – President
  • Vasudha Patel – Vice President
  • Hetal Amin – Secretary
  • Manisha Patel – Treasurer
  • Rajesh Patel – Membership
  • Alpa Gandhi – Communication
  • Sanjay Patel – IT Director
  • Kanu Gandhi – Director
  • Nilesh Patel – Director
  • Subhash Patel – Director
  • Mahesh Patel – Director
  • Rakesh Bhagat – Director
  • Naresh Patel – Director
  • Vipul Patel -Director
  • Dhaval Patel – Director
  • Himesh Patel – Director
  • Narendra Patel – Director

Board of Trustees

  • Pankaj Patel
  • Krishna Patel
  • Kokila Patel
  • Mahesh B Patel
  • Bhavesh Patel – Ombudsman