GCA Election 2020

Dear Members,

GCA is pleased to announce that the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, will be administering GCA’s Elections for the year 2020.


In order to receive the EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT OF NOMINEES, MEMBERS must submit their email address to Dept.520.CMC.Orders@gmail.com with the Subject Line: GCA Special Election, as soon as possible.


NILESH PATEL, an individual; MAHESH PATEL, an individual; KANU GANDID, an in dividual; and SUBHASH PATEL, an individual Plaintiffs
OF BAY AREA, a California corporation; DAXESH CHOKSI, an individual; KETAN ITCHAPORIA, an individual; and DOES 1– 30, Defendant

Case No.: HG20062418



Pursuant to the Stipulation of the Parties in this case, the Alameda County Superior Court conducted a SPECIAL ELECTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS for the Gujarti Cultural Association.  According to the Operating Rules for the Special Election which were noticed to all interested parties on October 15, 2020, the Court hereby certifies the Special Election Results, which were announced via video conference earlier today: Official ballots were mailed to all eligible GCA members setting forth 30 candidates for election to 17 positions on the Board of Directors. 535 ballots were returned. 4 ballots were disqualified for being mailed after the December 28, 2020 postmark deadline . 2 ballots were disqualified because they were not returned on Official Ballot forms. All remaining ballots were individually counted. The following 17 individuals having received the greatest number of votes are elected to serve a two-year term on the Gujarati Cultural Association Board of Directors for 2022-2024:

NEW BOARD MEMBER                 MEMBER No.                         VOTES RECEIVED

1. Rakesh Baghat 60317 407
2. Vasudha Patel 60724 404
3. Saurin Patel 60101 402
4. Mahesh Patel 60343 400
5. Keya Patel 61053 394
6. Karishma Patel 61498 392
7. Naresh Patel 60126 392
8. Nitin Soni 61515-2 392
9. Sanjay Patel 60463 391
10. Subhash Patel 60557 389
11. Chandresh Popat 60460 387
12. Manisha Patel 61328 387
13. Kanu Gandhi 60527 385
14. Nikhil Patel 60779 385
15. Nilesh Patel 60551 384
16. Dhiren Patel 62097 373
17. Vipul Patel 62250 372

The remaining results of the Special Election for other candidates are as follows:

18. Jyoti Patel 60185 94
19. Pankil Shah 61792 92
20. Daxesh Choksi 60108 91
21. Narendra Mehta 60131 88
22. Jaanki Patel 60185 85
23. Ketan Itchhaporia 60102 84
24. Shital R. Bhatt 60104 81
25. Chiraz Dave 62029-1 80
26. Parthiv Rawal 60318 79
27. Swapnil Mehta 62199 78
28. Harihar; Jobanputra 62116 61
29. Sehul Shah 61457 45
30. Dharmen Patel 60113 43

No objections having been timely received, the results of the GUJARATI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION SPECIAL ELECTION are hereby CERTIFIED.

The terms of the newly elected Board of Directors shall begin on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 3pm. The currently serving members of the Board of Directors shall deliver to the newly elected Board members all GCA property and records, including but not limited to membership records, books of account, financial records, and all email accounts including passwords, keys, office, computer, filing system, furniture or other tangible, electronic or real property which is the property of the GCA by no later than 3pm on Friday, January 22, 2021.


Hon. Julia Spain

Alameda County Superior Court

Dated: January 18, 2021

Dear Members,


GCA’s Election Committee is pleased to announce upcoming elections for the GCA Board of Directors for the term beginning on December 1, 2020 and ending on November 30, 2022. Election process will start August 27, 2020 with a request for nominations and conclude on October 25, 2020 – auspicious day of Dussehra with election results. Election committee will continue to communicate with more detailed information on as required. Provisions of the GCA Bylaws as published on the GCA website will be applicable for the election process and eligibility requirements. Election Committee will seek guidance from GCA Legal Counsel as needed, in the interpretation of Bylaws.


The Election Committee hereby requests nominations from all existing Board of Directors as well as members interested in applying for the open positions on the Board.

Board of Directors, Officers and Open Positions

  • Board of Directors will be composed of a minimum of fifteen (15) members, with a maximum of seventeen (17) members.

  • Five Director Positions will be reserved for Junior Directors (as defined by tenure on the Board) from the outgoing Board of Directors.

  • Officers will be elected by the newly elected Board of Directors at a meeting of the Board to be held immediately after completion of the election of the Directors.

Eligibility Requirements for Submitting Nominations

  • 21 years of age or older

  • Express interest by completing the nomination form in time specified.

  • Currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors or has been a voting member of the GCA for 12 months immediately preceding the election.

  • Nominee shall be voting member of good standing.

Process for Submitting Nominations

Please send all elections related questions to GCAElection-2020@googlegroups.com